Convection drying facilities
The most popular chamber in Lithuania and all around the world is a convectional drying of wood. In these dryers of wood the drying process is the most effective.  This technology of wood drying allows greatly reduce number of cracks, so the products of wood retain the esthetic appearance and other positive qualities.

The wood is dried cyclically: it is loaded, dried, unloaded and then the procedures are repeated

A set of a standard convectional drying of wood allows to create a modern drying process without heating bridges, with good heating insulation, mechanical strength and relatively low costing. The convectional drying of wood applies a continuous drying method. The process of drying wood is regulated by the digital microprocessors. This method is secure and easy to control. The internals of the convectional dryers of wood: fans and a control system, a system which regulates the moist of the air in the dryer, internal heating equipment, the circulation of the air, system of heating, moisture and etc.

The wood is loaded from the front with the loader in the convectional dryer of wood. The size of wood dryers can be different (by the needs of customers). We can offer the dryers of wood with non-standard dimensions according to customer requests. The constructions and components of convectional dryers of wood are manufactured from aluminum and stainless steel.

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