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Wood-fired boilers, Coal boilers, Briquette boilers (


Steel solid fuel boilers on firewood, coal, briquettes with manual fuel loading are intended for heating domestic, industrial and other premises, which are equipped with a central heating system, for preparing hot water and supplying heat for technological needs using firewood, wood waste as fuel, sawdust and peat briquettes, lump peat and coal, etc.

Boilers - steel, solid fuel, water heating, three-pass. (Wood boilers, Coal boilers, Briquette boilers)

Fuel loading - manual.

Fuel - firewood, woodworking waste, briquettes from wood and agricultural waste, lump peat or coal, etc.

The operating mode is automatic (control of the set mode).

Heat exchanger - boiler steel, continuous pipes.

Furnace - with fixed grates, fireclayed with high-quality bricks.

Grills - alloyed cast iron with a chromium content of 30%.

Thermal insulation - foil basalt insulation.

Complete set - high-quality materials of well-known manufacturers.

Warranty - 36 months.

Convenient service:

-Volumetric service doors and boiler furnaces;

-Left and right door options;

-A convenient and reliable service tool

High performance indicators of boilers allow you to significantly reduce your heating costs!

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