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The main activity of the company is manufacture of convectional wood dryers, designed by individual customer requests.  All construction elements of wood dryers are manufactured in Lithuania. The company manufactures and installs the wood dryer's constructions themselves, therefore we can take into account individual needs of customers and offer a quick solution to solve problems. Aluminum constructions are manufactured and welded in an argon environment, also the installation works are performed throughout Lithuania and abroad. The company uses the highest quality European components, installing innovations and producing advanced technology of wood drying. The company offers a generous choice of additional auxiliary equipment to modernize the process of wood drying. The works are performed by professionals who have a long experience in manufacturing convectional wood dryers, so most of the work is done by ourselves.

Other important field of activity is a permanent job with customers, their staff training and consulting about timber drying. JSC Prolain can offer a full technical solution: analyze the needs of a company, consult staff, equipment and technology supply, install and maintain the timber dryers. We are seeking for an exclusive quality in cooperation with the customers.

The company's goal - high-quality service, wood drying equipment, timely work and supply of goods to customers throughout Lithuania and abroad.
We have experience in wood drying kilns dismantling and transferring abroad.

JSC Prolain is a stable company with a well-organized structure, constantly improving and looking for innovations in its activities. We strive for innovation and improvement by participating in various exhibitions and getting acquainted with new technologies in our sector.
The company is included in the list of the strongest companies in Lithuania. In 2012-2016, the company was awarded certificates: The strongest in Lithuania in 2012-2016.


JSC Prolain not only strives to improve itself, but also gladly helps others to achieve their goals. We actively support those who strive for results and love their activities: motocross players, basketball teams, we contribute to the organization of competitions or other annual events.

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