Wood dryers


Currently, the drying of wood is in an advanced stage. In the past, the wood was usually dried with the help of the sun and wind, in other words in a natural way. The wood could not get dry in a few days or months, it only proceeded in all year round. Therefore, the dried wood was very expensive and valuable. Then the secrets of drying wood have been revealed and one of them was appearance of drying of wood rooms (chambers). This drying method survived till our times. But this method of wood drying is not effective as the wood cannot dry completely itself. This method of drying wood after some time can split and crack the wood because it was not dried completely.

The drying is a process which reduces the moisture content of the wood that will guarantee its resistance, stability and longevity.

The drying process is very important for wood manufacturers because it depends on the quality of wood and the price.
An artificial drying of wood is a placement of wood to the specific chambers which are supported by certain conditions in order to dry wood. These chambers are called the dryers of wood.

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