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Corten steel is a strong, weather-resistant structural steel with exceptional aging properties. It is currently one of the most popular steels, which is very widely used in gardens, public spaces and private properties. Corten steel, exposed to precipitation and weather conditions, makes a rust-like coating on its surface. However, this coating differs significantly from standard corrosion in that in this case it does not harm the material but serves as a protective layer created by several chemical elements such as nickel, phosphorus, chromium and copper. These alloys increase the resistance of Corten steel to atmospheric corrosion by creating a protective patio on the surface. Corten steel products do not require additional processing, they do not need to be painted or renewed regularly, as they take on a reddish-brown color over time. It is because of the specific properties of this steel that it is increasingly used in the creation of modern spaces. If you are interested in Corten steel products and are looking for a reliable team to help you implement your ideas, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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